What is Pavement Crack Sealing

Crack sealing is exactly the name suggests, sealing cracks that have developed in asphalt using the use of a hot, and sometimes cold, rubber-like asphalt liquid called emulsion.

As time passes, asphalt begins to break and by sealing these cracks you’re keeping elements from damaging the base beneath the asphalt and preventing further damage. We often call crack seal asphalt maintenance. It is a part of the regular maintenance required to extend the lifespan of your parking lot. Call EZ Concrete Contractors Fort Lauderdale pros for more information

Cracks are inevitable and likely to occur because the asphalt surface is oxidized and degrades. However, crack sealing is shown by studies to reduce the rate of cracks. One study found that, following two years of monitoring 75 percent less cracking was found in a road which was sealed with cracks as compared to a surface which was not treated whatsoever. Crack sealing can reduce the process of crack formation on pavements over time.

In a second example, the combination of crack sealing and microsurfacing led to 60% less cracks when compared to no treatment after year two. Microsurfacing alone led to only 15percent less cracking when compared to no treatment in year two. Crack sealing is also an alternative treatment can improve other treatments for surfaces.

Applying Crack Seal

To apply the asphalt liquid emulsion (crack seal) then make the crack seal hot in a kettle up to 400F-450F. The temperature of the surface and outside the asphalt should be over 40 degrees. If the temperature is below 40 degrees, the crack seal could not be able to adhere properly, leading to a bad application.

Before applying the sealer, ensure that the of the crack and area you’re applying it to is clear of any debris. If the crack isn’t clear from debris, then scrub it and make use of compressed air at high pressure to scrub the crack. After the crack has been cleared of obstructions, you can fill the crack with the material and chase it with a squeegee for smoothing the material. After you have applied the material, you need to apply to detach black magic sand to make sure the sealer doesn’t stick to the tires of your vehicle.

Crack Seal has proven to be the most affordable pavement preservation solution that is available. For asphalt pavements, the next most affordable preservation of the pavement is one-chip seal, which is about four times more costly. If you are looking to keep your pavement in good condition for the longest amount of time, the lowest cost , the crack seal, then this is the right choice for you.

We offer crack sealing services to seal your asphalt. Request a quote for a free estimate on your project.

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